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DONE: Right Click any file and create New Folder by its Name

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I don't think so, not every time. A couple of times I renamed folders trying out different versions from the thread here, but I think in each case once I actually ran it , I tested it right away and got the bug.

Hi Skwire and gang,

Since whatever quirk of my system is making this Snack misbehave for me, but I need the effect, Beyond Lies the Web! (Pun!)

First, to do the basics of your Snack, here is a SevenForums posting with a BAT file that works for me.

Here's a GUI version of the idea, though it's a bit "noisy" on my machine where some features don't work right, but the basic part does. ("No internet error"?! and also the Folder Monitor doesn't work for me.)

Edit: 20 Day Trial Only for this next one, and clearly an older back end.

For an interesting spin on the theme, take a look at this item:
This one adds the extra twists of automatic monitoring of a specific folder and some process filtering. So it's interesting as a study example. I'm not sure I trust their payment back end to still be safe after this many years given they haven't updated their copyrights, but it claims to be good on Win7, which of course is Quasi-New.


Whew! But the options are interesting.

Please consider an option to type your own name when creating a folder for one file.

Love this app.


If I have 2 files:

When I use File2Folder can it have a dropdown box that allows me to select alpha or beta as the folder name?

Sure, it can be done but I think I'll pass because, if the user selects a boatload of files, that dropdown list is going to be just as long and might slow things down.


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