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DONE: Right Click any file and create New Folder by its Name

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Sooo...did you have to do anything special to get it working?  Run first as administrator, perhaps?  I don't have Windows7 or a 64-bit version of anything with which to test with.

W7 64-bit unique and very freaky, anything written for XP and/or Vista 64-bit no guarantee it will run under W7 64-bit. As I'm a context maniac I'm forever evaluating any such applications and most of the time it fails. The list is veeeery long. Sad to say but most programmers since XP days gave up and their hard work changed to shelfware. Iconoid such an example but Highrez managed to convert it successfully to W7 64-bit.
I did nothing special to enable Files 2 Folder to run so neatly although I've disabled UAC (permanently) and I've set all/everything to classic mode. With other words any available W7 "cute" options tweaked out completely. My desktop seldom with less than 200 icons, etc but since Files 2 Folder it improved. Using a dual monitor setup (21" & 25.5") it can become very busy.
I am running as admin but my security sector loaded above normal. To play with context options very risky because they have impact on each other and can really mess around within the registry.
Wish I could be of more assistance but at this stage I'm very thankful that Files 2 Folder such a breakthrough.

This is a great idea for a program.  Thanks paarkhi and skwire!  I tried this last night, but nothing showed up in my context menu.  I figured when I rebooted in the morning it'd show up.  I did find the 'Files 2 Folder' entry, but ONLY in the Quick Launch items context menus!  The files on my Desktop didn't have the entry, and trying the context menu with an open Explorer didn't help.

At this point I'd like to ask what might prove to make me look stupid, but where are the hidden settings?  I've used a lot of stuff I haven't been shy messing with as far as settings, like Rainlender, Sumarize, etc.  I tried opening Files2Folder.exe in ResHacker, but didn't see them there.  I didn't see a folder in 'Application Data.'  I thought maybe I had to point to the desktop or something, although that really doesn't make any sense.

I should add my context menus are a bit jazzed up.  I use MMM+, and Folder Guide.  Would that interfere with the registration process?  Also, I hadn't quite read down here far enough to figure out I should've answered Yes when the initial prompt to register appeared.  I said No on the first run, and when I realized my mistake went back and said Yes on the second run.  Like I said, the entry did appear after in one context menu, just not everywhere.

Anyone have any ideas?
-mateek (September 28, 2009, 03:40 PM)
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I couldn't get it to go until I uninstalled Folder Guide,  MMM and another context menu program MooO  so there must be a correlation between having Context menu programs and Files2Folders
So will settle with the latter its the one I would have the most use for.
Thanks skwire another good program..

I couldn't get it to go until I uninstalled Folder Guide,  MMM and another context menu program MooO  so there must be a correlation between having Context menu programs and Files2Folders-nogojoe (May 01, 2010, 10:19 PM)
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I honestly have no idea why it won't work with those other apps installed.

Thanks skwire another good program..-nogojoe (May 01, 2010, 10:19 PM)
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You're welcome.  I'm glad folks find it useful.

As I told Skwire I think this is an interesting application for reorganize folders and ideas.
Splendid the option to multi select and ask for the final folder.
We can do many things.
But may be improved this particular :
When I select a shortcut or more the program acts over the original path , not over the archive the shortcut represent.
To my surprise i began to make proofs over the portable icon of Files2folder in my desktop.
The result is that the program path is modified and therefore I was thinking that something was going wrong. Just because the program let off going well.
For the purposes this splendid program from Skwire is extension of , or in the same line, or similar, or complement, or supplementary ( :-\ )   to CreateShortCutsIn from Ewemoa.
The splendid script from Ewemoa is also very useful for reorganize my folders and my mind.
I am using both program and have additional new ideas I will communicate in two months, but I think is necessary to protect the shortcuts and don't affect the original file path.

Best Regards.

P.D. Going for Text2Folders .  :P


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