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Donation Credits


I have only gave out donation credits once and I want to be sure how to do it right before
I do it again. If I want to give someone $20 how much donation credits do I give????
I think the first time I gave them out the person actually got less then I wanted to
give because some fees are taken out. I just want to be sure when I want to give someone
$20 donation credits that they actually get $20.

Hi moranacus!
If you've got 20$ in DC and send them to some other member, he'll get 20$.

However, when he cashes out, paypal takes its fee, which causes him to get less than 20$. (I don't exactly know paypal rates, but I'm sure someone else can help on that)

Notice that DC does not take any cut from the 20$ you send to someone.

Thanks for the reply!!!! I need to find out PayPal's fee so I'm going to ask them.

Carol Haynes:
The PayPal fees partly depend on region and the status of DonationCoder as a PayPal member.

In theory fund transfers unrelated to business are charge free (I received such a transfer today in the UK from another PayPaly user without being charged a transaction fee). If it is considered a business transaction then I think it is 3.4% + a small standard fee (I think 30p in the UK, probably similar elsewhere).

Thanks for the reply!!!!
The only time I did a donation credit is for a program that I downloaded and liked
from a member here but they didn't get the full amount I sent them. Money was
taken out.


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