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Numpad key requires hitting Enter to launch numbered result

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I have "Numpad keys launch results from search window" checked in FARR 2.75.01 but for some reason now I have to hit Enter to get it to fire.  Before I just hit the number in the number pad. The corresponding result goes into the input line, but it doesn't launch without Enter press.

I'm running Vista64 Home Premium SP1.

Install the latest version (2.77.02). I think this feature was broken for some time but is now fixed.

That did it thanks.  Automatic updates never worked smoothly for me in Vista64 or W7 so I've been wingin' it manually. Anyway, good to go. :)

Seems to be erratic.  Sometimes it fills in the input line and waits until you press Enter, other times it launches the result without it.

Hmmmmm, is it supposed to go that found programs launch with number press but found folders require Enter?  Maybe it's working as designed?  Maybe that's why it seems to change.. I dunno'.  :huh:


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