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Dr.Windows (Windows Error Guard) - fun for the family for the holidays

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* hold down the control key when right clicking system tray icon for secret options.
* all dialogs are configured in the Dialogs directory, they are just text files.
* see help file for more help.
* i even added button linking to different dialogs, can be used for real fun.

in future version i think i will add a feature that records a minute or two of sound from the microphone after a dialog is displayed - could be hillarious.

just about done... only need to add scripting support.
-mouser (December 06, 2005, 11:36 PM)
--- End quote ---
So you did decide to add scripting. Aha. So if i typed in Buttonscript:  "javascript:shutdown();" The computer would shut down when the button was pressed? If so could you tell me a couple more scripts please?

the above was just a sample idea - in the end i decided not to allow scripting, for fear people would use it for evilnes..


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