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Dr.Windows - LATEST VERSION INFO THREAD - v1.06.01 - January 29, 2014

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Sorry it took so long.

Please try the new downloads on the official web page:

Change list:

v1.06.01 - 1/29/14

* [Bugfix] Fixed index out of range error caused by array length bug (thanks jimbo1qaz)
* Moved to dual installer system (normal and portable zip)
* Signed executable
* Added manifest
* Fixed some dialog typos (thanks jimbo1qaz)

Dr.Windows opens dialog boxes off-center every time it starts, but occasionally fixes itself for one session. Note that I use a large taskbar.
Dr.Windows does not remember the "open error" key. By default, it's Ctrl-Shift-E, which interferes with Firefox Expo, which I sometimes use. (not that I should have it open on my main computer, anyway...)


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