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Alphasort Program

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Your antivirus is throwing off a false positive. You don't have a trojan in that file. Nothing attached itself to it. No matter what A-Squared is telling you about that file, it's wrong. Nothing corrupted your copy of the program.

Does A-Squared have anything within the application for uploading "infected" files to them to be checked and verified? If it does, please submit the file to them so they can fix the problem in their software.

I just uploaded my copy to Virus Total and let them scan it. It is throwing off some false positives in 3 different products: a-squared, eSafe, and Prevx.

My guess was because I had packed the file with UPX to make it smaller, but after unpacking it and uploading it again, there are still 2 different products (out of 43 different antivirus applications) that are still calling it malware, one of them being A-Squared and the other Ikarus. (weird)

If you would like to take a look at the report, you can view it here:

original packed file:

unpacked file:

You can also upload the copy you have here and check it with all 43 different antivirus applications, yourself:

Thanks again!!!!
I like the A-Squared program but programs that scan for malware tend to get false positives.
When I do a scan with AVAST, SuperAntivirus and TrojanHunter nothing shows up.
A-Squared also keeps saying that the BSPLAYER program that I'm using has medium
risk items but that doesn't mean anything either.
There is nothing wrong with that program.

Thank you for letting me know about this issue.  :)

For your info the support staff for the A-Squared malware program released an update so it no long flags
AlphaSort with a TROJAN.

I sent them a copy of the app and a link to this thread.

Glad to hear they straightened it out.

Thanks for letting me know.


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