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Alphasort Program

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I have been using the Alphasort program for awhile with out any problems but after I installed the free
version of A-Squared Free and did a malware scan I get a high risk Trojan-Spy.Win32.Banker!IK in the
exe file for the program.
Anyone else use this program or know anything about the virus????
After the scan, I had the program removed from my main computer but kept it installed on my
lap top because I love the program and my lap top doesn't have internet access for the trojan
to bother it.

Exactly what Alphasort program are you referring to? Could you provide more information to identify it? Perhaps a link?

Below is the website where I got the program:

That would be one of my applications. And I assure you there is no trojan in it. (I am not skilled enough to write a trojan even if I wanted to  :-[)

What you are seeing is a false positive.

Alphasort does not change any settings on your system or in any other applications, does not save any data to your registry, does not connect to the internet, can not phone home for any reason.

All it is, is a list box and entries are sorted by toggling the sort property off/on whenever you load a list or add anything to an existing list.

It's very simply designed and does nothing more than what you have seen it do.

Thanks for the info!!!!
I know that you didn't do this!!!!
That trojan somehow got attached to your program from somewhere else.
I have a program called High Folders 2009 and they recently found an old
trojan that is just now being found with virus updates that somehow
got attached to this program and other programs that were created by others.
When I looked up for a description of this trojan it said the following:
A password stealing Trojan horse that logs keystrokes and steals information entered into certain banking web sites. The Trojan may also take screenshots of certain banking web pages in an attempt to collect passwords and other sensitive information.
The evil people are getting smart and are finding ways to corrupt other people's programs.


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