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New Launcher app with automation feature: Blaze

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Took a look out of curiosity.
It doesn't work for me. Its indexer crashes.

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Paul Keith:
Just a heads up on what the competition is cooking:

For starters, it's smart enough to find what you're looking for even if you should happen to stumble over your keys a bit (e.g. the butchered Photoshop entry above).
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The automator watches silently in the background, waiting to observe you performing repetitive tasks. When it spots something, Blaze will alert you and offer to create an action to handle the task next time. On the project page, the author demonstrates this functionality by renaming a directory full of photos. Blaze can also record macros -- so you can just press record, start doing what you need to do, and presto! You've got a new action.
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everyone has different preferences, enough room for all of us :)

I installed Blaze and its an amazing product! I love the ability to correct my mis-spelled program names!  The application watch feature is brilliant !  How many times have I done something over and over in Excel simply because it wasnt worth the effort to create a macro?  Now, Blaze does this for me !

Have to say this is really a great product, completely free, no license key renewals needed.

Fast, lightweight, no bloated features, innovative concept.

Gets my vote as my new launcher.


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