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New Thought


Just thought of something else that could be handy in FindRun.  Could there be a way to launch an app in the background so it doesnt take focus?  If I am browsing the web and realize that I want to open a file browser, I launch it via FindRun, but as soon as it starts, it automatically jumps to the foreground and obscures the website I was viewing.  I dont know how to make this handy to switch on and off... it would most convienient to be able to enable on a file by file basis.  Just an idea!


you can currently tell f&r to launch an app and not close.. and i think i might be able to write code to send it into the background..  certainly would be easy to launch it minimized..

i apologize for their not being another feature release of f&r for a while, but i am collecting the ideas and i just need to find a few days to really devote to it.. i have some nice plans in store i think, in addition to all the things we've talked about here.

Another minor issue: when adding folders to the search list in the config it would be handy to have a "Browse" button.  That way you wouldnt have to type (or copy and paste from your file manager).  Just my 2 cents!


this is just my own bias, almost every program i write there you can type a file or path, i support drag&drop from windows explorer.

so you can drag and drop onto those places.

but you are definitely right that a browse button should be added.

i'm sorry that i haven't updated f&r in a while, i promise that im going to devote some real time to it soon.


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