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Another similar app (disclaimer: I haven't tried it)

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Memory use averages ~19mb on my system compared to ~0.8-1mb for FARR!

Frustratingly I cannot get the settings panel to come up to configure it at all (did you manage Darwin?)! Aesthetically it is quite pleasing, minimalist like quicksilver with the drop down of options like FARR or AppRocket. The skinning possibilities seem good as it uses transparent PNGs for the interface.

It is faster than FARR because it pre-caches the contents of the start menu. Using Filemon it only access the tahoma font while running.

Overall, it is nice visually and promising but vastly inferior to FARR currently.

r.e. QuickSilver: the application is amazing. I had an iBook for a week and played briefly with it. The magic lies in the simplicity of the interface exposing the great power of the underlying engine. You type and it finds items adaptively like FARR but you then get a contextual side menu which relates to the found item (we have that basically with the windows context menu but it is harder to access and not as "smart" in its options). The data is exposed to a neat plugin system to extend QuickSilver greatly.

I've tried Colibri also,and i must confess it's really visually appealing (very "maciish"). But i also couldn't get the settings to display.But something appeared when i typed "colibri",come sort of "about" box or something like that.As i use blackbox (,sometimes some windows tend not to appear,maybe because of that i couldn't see the options by typing colibri. Or maybe that simply wasn't the command.. :down:

Hi nontroppo,

Like you, I never got the control panel to display and I gave up on Colibri and uninstalled it shortly after I posted my last note here. Also, like you, I found its footprint to be excessive (but in line with AppRocket). That would be acceptable if Colibri was more configureable and it's footprint didn't bog down my computer (which I found to be the case with AppRocket - particularly on startup). I don't know if its footprint bogs one;s computer down or not, but given that its functionality is impaired by its apparent lack of configureability, I didn't leave it on my system long enough to find out ;) I'm waiting on a later build to be released to reserve judgement.

Thanks for the description of Quicksilver by the way - that goes some way to explaining the fuss and only makes me want it running under windows more!

I'm a new user of F&R R and I like it a lot, but I must say that after having tried Colibri before, Colibri is much, much, much more visually appealing. I know that for most people functionality is much more important, and rightfully so, but it seems to me that F&R R has already a really good functionnality, so it might be time to improve its look a bit. It is not that it looks bad, but just "forgettable", while Colibri (despite its current lack of functionality) really looks cool.

One particular thing that nags me a bit is that if I place the main window near thee taskbar, at the bottom of the screen, the edittext where you type the contents jumps up and down as it makes space for the search results.

Just my two cents. Oh! And despite what I just said, I really like your program! :-)



have you tried out the skins and editbar placement options?
F+R got some visual appearance improvements recently, but they need to be configured properly.
see attached screenshots.


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