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Another similar app (disclaimer: I haven't tried it)

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I monitor the Quicksilver forum at ( despite the fact that I own/have access to neither a Mac nor OS X... However, I am always on the lookout for Quicksilver users' suggestions for Windows equivalents of Quicksilver (which garners fanatical support and rave reviews), primarily as I'd like to understand what all the fuss is about. One I've not heard of before was posted yesterday and is called "Colibri":

Anyway, just thought I'd post the link here so that Mouser can take a look and possibly add it to his list of alternative applications in the F&RR help file.

PS I've downloaded Colibri 8a and it's about 650kb. Haven't decided whether I will load it or not... I've posted about F&RR in the Quicksilver forum before ( - I'm "Huxley" over there as Darwin was already taken ;)) and it seems to have been well received, albeit by one poster... The reigning favourite Win application with Quicksilver users *forced* to use Windows boxes at work still seems to be AppRocket 1.2 (, though...

OK it's loaded and running next to the latest build of F&RR (which I haven't had loaded since the late summer). Initial impressions are that it is fast but frustratingly difficult to customise. For example, I have my documents on drive F: and I can't get Colibri to search anywhere other than C: drive... This is compounded by the link to the "help" file taking you to the "what's new" page on the author's website. F&RR, however, is a dream to customise. It's quick, though and seems to find more "hits" than F&RR, but I'm not sure this is necessarily a good thing. I don't *think* it's any quicker than F&RR, either. Overall, my gut feeling is that it's not going to last too long on my system, given it's lack of customability (is that a word?) and poor documentation...

i know that the mac world is gaga over quicksilver.  i think it's half just the normal mac fanaticism, but i know that quicksilver has some nice features - i'm very happy to implement them all in F+R in time, just let us know which features are wanted.  the only reason F+R 2 isn't out already is that i'm trying to revamp it's infrastructure a little, and because i'm doing some work on a new set of programs coming out from donationcoder (see contextmenu commander section of forum), which need my attention so that some other people can work on the project while i get back to F+R2, PT3, CHS, etc.

Just want to clarify that the app that didn't last on my system, and that lacked both customability and documentation was Colibri, not F&RR! F&RR is a great app, has thorough documentation and is easily customised.

I wish I knew more about Quicksilver. I've read about it, but for me the learning process involves playing around with whatever I'm trying to get to know. Thus, not having used it, I can't really comment on what features I'd like to see implemented in F&RR. My sister has an iBook but it's running a version of OS X that is too old to run Quicksilver AND she's in a different city. C'est la vie.


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