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Run a bat-file on system shutdown

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Looks like DShutdown also has this option:

I've been using DTaskManager and it seems well done so I might as well give DShutdown a try.

Just use Group Policy

Example here

Just use Group Policy

Example here
-shaunpud (August 24, 2009, 04:36 AM)
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Not all versions of Windows have Group Policy Editor.  On my Windows7 eval it's Ultimate so I can keep Windows Media Player and IE from starting just using Group Policy.  On my Vista64 Home Premium I don't have it, so I have to employ a process monitor that kills them as soon as they rear their ugly heads.

I'm looking for a application that can run a bat-file when Windows Vista is going to shutdown/restart.

Does a application like this exist or would anyone like to create it?  :-*
-Cotton (August 21, 2009, 06:19 PM)
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here. it will run any program just edit the settings.ini file.

to make the program run on startup, place a shortcut
(not a copy of the program) to your startup folder.

program attached!


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