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Run a bat-file on system shutdown

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I'm looking for a application that can run a bat-file when Windows Vista is going to shutdown/restart.

Does a application like this exist or would anyone like to create it?  :-*

This program will run a program before shutting down, but it's initiating the shutdown, not just detecting it. system shutdown&fromsearch=1&#entry617608

would anyone like to create it?  :-*
-Cotton (August 21, 2009, 06:19 PM)
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* scancode raises a hand. Give me a couple minutes.I can't get it to work :(

Cotton please give more info.  Can this be a program or batch file that runs your command, then shuts down?  Or does it have to detect shutdown and run your program?

If the former, just make a .cmd file with 2 commands
shutdown /t 60

to shutdown one minute after the first command completes.
To run the first command without waiting(something quick) use the Start command as in

start yourapp.exe
shutdown yadda yadda

you can try either Xecutor (free for non-commercial use) or LastChance (freeware).


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