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The Bat!: two questions

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Sounds Batty, but I'll try reverting to a different skin...  I'm on my second machine at the moment, and on this one it does display headers, and I can verify that Innuendo's advice above is correct - that is how you switch the display on and off.  I can't remember what the skin is that I'm using on the other machine, so can't quickly check to see if the same thing happens on this machine.  But it is pretty clear from the second screenshot that I have 'Show' ticked - when I untick that on this machine, message look the same as on that machine.  Clear?

Problem 1 solved - just clicked on 'View', 'Message header', 'Show' to switch it off, and then repeated to switch it back on, and that works now. 

Any suggestions re problem 2?

2) How can I get The Bat! to search through my address book and suggest names from it as I type in the To: box?  At the moment, I have to access the address book manually each time, and that is a bit of a drag.

should be in Options -> Preferences dialog here:

Bingo!  Thanks, Mouser!  Obvious, duh.  I'm a little overwhelmed by all the options in The Bat!, so I guess that's why I missed it. 

there are a lot of options, no shame in not finding it -
in fact i never knew it was there, it used to be on by default.  maybe they changed it.


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