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Tags in Windows Explorer


Hi there,

I thought I would just give it a try, who knows what might come out. For years I've been looking for a file manager which could replace good old Windows Explorer (XP ofcourse). In the end I didn't like any of the alternatives. Windows Explorer just works most of the time, it's usually faster then the alternatives. It has one downside however: although you can supposedly give tags to files, they won't work!

You could probably call me a tutorial freak, I collect them on an external HD (over 500gb :Thmbsup:). But let's say I have a tutorial about AJAX with jQuery, would I put it in the jQuery folder, or the AJAX folder? I think tags would be a great impovement that would introduce faceted classification to Windows. Windows 7's libraries are looking promising, but are still no tags.

So, I don't know if it is possible and if it could be coded in a few hours, but a tags system in Windows Explorer would be really nice. I was thinking of being able to add tags to files and to be able to filter on them.

Please let me know what you think.

Thanks in advance!


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