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IDEA: filter list for Skrommel's "CloseMany" program


I'm trying to find a quick way to close all my USB programs before pulling the stick out.  Skrommel's CloseMany program can do this.  I'd like to suggest a way to make the list that shows all the programs and running processes to only show the ones you want to close.  I know that this is probably impossible to do automatically.  So, maybe there's a way that the user can create a custom list or filter that only shows programs that the user wants to close.  I know for myself, I always close the same programs off my USB stick, so I can just (for example) drag those processes into the list and save that list.  Now, whenever I want to close those programs, I just select that list and say "Close All".  That would be easier than going through the entire list and ctrl-clicking each one one by one.

>...only show the ones you want to close. 

superboyac, this is a feature that I'd love to see implemented, if possible.

I've started using CloseMany everyday to quickly close a few specific programs.  I only need it for those half-dozen apps and it would be nice to have a filter so that only those would show.

Can this be done, Skrommel?



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