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SuperCopier 2.2 Beta (NEW!)


previously mentioned here and after a long hiatus, SuperCopier 2 is being developed actively again. a few days ago, Beta 2.2 was released with several new enhancements and some bug-squashing.


Downloaded and gave it a try today.

I used it to sling a group of files consisting of a dozen+ huge ISOs over to an archive drive. It performed very well. Didn't even hiccup on the two 4Gb monsters in the collection. For uses like this, having a built-in error log is worth its weight in gold. Sweet!

Not quite as fast as Unstoppable Copier, but it's a much more sophisticated app so that's to be expected.

Thanks for bringing it to my attention. :Thmbsup:

you're welcome.. :) i'm just glad that the author is picking up the project again, just copied 7GB of data with no errors and minimal use of resources. and also despite being not actively developed previously, the old version never caused any problems.

In version 2.2b the 'handled processes' option is deactivated, so...does anyone know how do I use this one with FreeCommander?
It is discussed here on FC forums, but I can't get it to work.


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