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on *:text:* problems

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So, first of all, I did read this one:;topic=8133.0
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But I don't get it how I should fix my script, it gets text from a bot,
but then it splits it up like in normal mirc into $1 $2 $3, etc. One big
problem, with mircryption they all become blank, so question to the
wise guys here, how can I fix the thing I am using so $3 $5 and $8
do give the correct text that is on the 3th 5th and 8th place in the
line of text the bot says.

on *:TEXT:*:#:{
  if ($nick == TopBot) {
    set -e %type $3
    set -e %name $5
    set -e %date $8
    /scon 1 /notice DATE:    %date
    /scon 1 /notice TYPE:    %type
    /scon 1 /notice NAME: %name
    /scon 1 /notice ---------------------------

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Hope to get some help, much appreciated!

Anyone ,,,... ?

ok so first thing you know from the other post you linked that the on *:TEXT:*:# procedure itself is not going to be called.
and that what you are going to have to do is add something in the MircryptionSignalAll function to respond to the text.

basically $5 in MircryptionSignalAll is the same as $1 in your on text, and $6 is same as $2 and so on. 
($3 is same as $nick)

see the mircryptionsignal all definition for more info.

Okidoki, thanks budd

Ok, well I used it but nothing's happening, and I don't really see anything going wrong

--- ---on *:SIGNAL:MircryptionSignalAll: {
  if ($chan == #.pre) {
    if ($nick == pRemature) {
      set -e %test.event $1
      set -e $2
      set -e %test.speaker $3
      set -e %test.encryptedyesno $4
      set -e %test.decryptedtext $5

      /scon 6 /msg #encryptionpre EVENT: %test.event TARGET: SPEAKER: %test.speaker ENCRYPTED YES OR NO: %test.encryptedyesno DECRYPTED TEXT: %test.decryptedtext

      unset %test.*
I just wanted to use it too see how and if it worked


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