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DONE: Tag2Folder-New Feature added 1.0.3 'Close Tag2Folders after Conversion'

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Nice article about it on ghacks today:

Thanks for the heads up, mouser.

I like to request a new setting or even a permanent behaviour concerning the handling of ALBUM ARTIST and/or ARTIST tags.

If the token $albumartist is used in template, then Tags2Folders should look for that ALBUM ARTIST tag, of course. If that tag isn't valid (i.e. doesn't exist) than ARTIST tag should be used instead.

This is a good idea.  I'll find the time to implement it.  =]


Is this program still beeing maintained?
If so, then I would like to ask if there is any chance to keep the original filename.

I have albums, with mp3, jpg, nfo, txt files in the folders.
So what I wish to do is to move them into Genre folders (which your program is already capable to do).
BUt I wish to keep the original foldername.

Would it be difficult to implement?
So your soft should judge by one mp3 within the folder the genre type, and move the entire folder, to a destination\genre\original folder name...

Would be a very quick Album sorting method for me :)

THanks in advance!!!


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