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[SOLUTION] Shortcut won't work

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Hello, for me is still no working, can some one help me?
I do exacly as u say, I go to the program folder, I right click the .exe, then creat a shortcut, and drag it to the CD, but it doesnt allowd me to drag, It apeears the same error:S:S

What version you use? Markham or original?
With Markham CD I have some problem so you try to drag the original exe.
What windows you use? Xp,Vista, Seven? 64 or 32 bit?

Hello Rigel... I use windows vista 32bits and CD (i guess its the latest).

Ok, try Markham version
Markham solve the shortcut problem so you don't use my solution but only drag and drop

I have now been able to troubleshoot the problem some of you are having with importing shortcuts into Circle Dock and this has been fixed for the next release.



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