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IE icon not captured in tray

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When I switch from Opera to FF, the tray icon changes accordingly. This does not happen for IE which display the Opera icon when I select IE.

i have to go check the code again, but basically BTS is a bit strange about the tray icon --
it doesnt change it based on you changing browser configurations -- it changes it by matching a saved value for one of the registry keys.
ill see if i can spot what could cause the problem with IE -- you might try re-snapshoting IE and see if that solved it.

ps. i assume you are using the most recent version of BTS?

Versions 2.05.01

I deleted the saved registry setting file for IE and opened IE as default and resaved the settings.

What appears this time is that IE uses the icon for FF this time as that was the current setting before resaving the IE registry options (and setting IE as default).

As I recall, Opera was the default before when I was setting up IE the first time so it seems to capture the icon that was currently in use by either the tray or the default browser.

if you set IE as default through BTS, then as you've described, the icon doesn't show right (it shows the icon for a dif browser).
now if you ask BTS to open the default browser (by double clicking the tray icon?) does it correctly open IE?

Double clicking the icon DOES open FF (even though tray text says IE); but if I select "VISIT HOMEAPAGE ....", IE is opened.  


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