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Dice Tower starts Top 100 Board Games Video Series for 2009 w/ kids perspectiv


I've posted before about Tom Vassel's Dice Tower board game reviews.  He is now going to do his top 100 board games series for 2009, which is a great tour of board games in a way that is a great way to learn about the variety of good board games out there.

He always has one of his young daughters in the videos helping him out, which is very cute -- but this time one of his daughters is going to talk about *her* top 100 board games -- and this could be a really fun thing to watch if you have a young daughter, to discover board games you might like to play as a family.

MELODY is doing her top 100 this year!  I think her list will be much more interesting than mine.  I gave her complete freedom when putting her list together, so it should be interesting to see how our lists compare.  We have 11 of the same games, so maybe you should take special note of them.

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