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Problem with mark selected (unread messages) read


after being away since Saturday:-
three pages of unread messages this evening - I checked the third page first and then select the visible messages using the topmost selection-box on the right, then I click 'Mark selected read'

I'm left left with about ten threads instead of the expected two pages
I leave it a while and come back and refresh ( - or I clicked unread messages link again - sorry, I cant remember which) and the expected two pages are there)
I would have forgotten about it but it happened after I repeated the op for second unread page (again about ten thread instead of the expected full page)

hope that makes sense, no big deal but thought I'd report it while here  :)

Sometimes I do the same as you do, and instead of it showing the list of ALL unread messages after I mark all selected as read, it just shows RECENT unread messages and I have to click the link to show all.


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