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IDEA: Traffic Light Screen-saver tester in tray


Can change between Red, Amber, Green light in the tray via simple menu.

Red means turn screensaver off indefinitely.
Amber is normal use, screensaver comes on after a given time period.
Green forces screensaver to start within, say, two seconds (useful if you have something like JKDefrag as a screensaver).

The idea is based on saverstarter at but this is a much simpler idea and it has a way to turn off the screensaver without leaving your mouse pointer stuck in one position.

I don't need this app but I'd love it and so would countless other people, I'm thinking!


This could be extended with profiles to allow R-A-G display to change for all manner of user-defined commands

eg. I could create and choose Profile 1 with a 1 in the centre of the traffic light; called 'Num Lock' with
     R=Num lock on          <<--- using something like nircmd, a script or an exe, bat etc.
     A=Start num-lock customization software
     G=Num lock off

These profiles could of course be shared with other users so that even if they don't want to use the screen-saver every day, they might like the num-lock feature.


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