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IDEA: "reminder"," to do list "resident" and with specials priorities


ok what is the idea exactly...
is a resident to do list and reminder, until now nothing special

the special is for the to do list definition of the priority...

to wach my car
      because is durty
      i go to visit mam
      my wife tells me that she go away if i dont wash it

like you see more arguments you put in the "why" section more high is the priority...

option if the task have more than 5 WHYs the programme tells you every hour for to do that
1 hour before date , after 1/2 hour before, and so on ....

yes is something for to make you do the task, and in option .... for deactivate that you have to write a long sentence.....iwantostopthingbecauseiamtoolazy....blabla

(i know i can just put that out off memory, but i will have a serius conscience problem :)

i hope to have been clear

You might take a look at WinWorkBar v1.1 (593 KB). It has tasks and notes and a calendar as well as menu for priorities and a progress bar.

fun idea.
so every time you refuse to do it, you have to write a "why not" line.

yes MOUSER is EXACTLY that the idea ....:)

ab imo pectore


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