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Context Menu entries that cannot be deleted

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I have some right click context menu entries (Right Click->New) that cannot be deleted. I normally use TweakXP to remove the entries, but these few entries keep reappearing. They are entries to create new MS word, excel, etc from office 2003. How can I delete them?

There is probably a way to turn off this "feature" in the various Office programs.

I haven't installed Office for a while, but I seem to remember some stupid "Office Startup" program starting with my comp afterwards. I think it's suppose to help with searches or something....
Maybe that stupid office startup thing is putting those items in your context menu, stop it from starting with your comp (there's usually a link in Start > All Programs > Startup, delete that). If there isn't a link in your start menu, it might be lurking somewhere in you startup items, you can edit your startup items by clicking Start > Run (or hitting Winkey + R) and typing "msconfig" <enter> and unchecking stuff in the Startup tab (look for items with the word "office" or "mso" etc in them).

No, I have removed those entries in the startup and registry already. The context menu entries appear immediately after I close TweakXP, so something loaded in memory is recreating them. In the previous Office, I can hide them using TweakXP, now can't even do that.

Maybe ShellExView can help you out?

I also use this program, nope I don't see any potential shellext that is causing it.


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