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Chore Cards.. Almost makes it fun..

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If you've followed my previous posts in this section you know how I swear by an index card system of getting things done.

I use hundreds of index cards organized into dozens of sections, with a single ToDo item on each card; I find it a very satisfying way to keep track of things.

Recently I started using the card system with my weekly chores around the house.

I have a card for each potential chore, and then at the beginning of the weekend i select the cards for the chores i think need to get done that weekend, and put them up on the refrigerator.  When a chores is completed, the respective card is put back into the deck.

While it's kind of silly for me to have such a system just for myself, I can see how this would be fun to use if you have kids -- letting them randomly choose cards and handing them in when their chore is done.

Anyone else have an interesting system to keep your family organized when it comes to household chores (pictures please!)

This helps!

I believe this is more effective

Geez mouser, do you ever get the feeling no one takes you seriously?

I have to admit I *did* laugh my ass off though..... ;)

do you ever get the feeling no one takes you seriously?
--- End quote ---

nah, it's all in good fun.  :)


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