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Software for simple system of organization

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 :up: :P ;D

Well, this is a free task management software which I've seen recommended recently. I admittedly haven't tried it yet--it's on my to-do-list. :D
It's called...uh..ToDoList and stores its tasklists in XML format. Whether or not ToDoList suits your preferences, please let everybody know which software you've decided to use.

Good Day, sajman99

I thought I'd update my progress on this. For starters, I got myself a huge inbox, which is what GTD recommends anyway. I need Google Calendar integration as a main priority since it gives me free SMS reminders, which are real handy. If Google Calendar supported tagging, I'd be set. RTM (Remember the Milk) can integrate with Google Calendar, supports priorities and tags, but the tags don't seem to show up once imported into Google Calendar.

I've yet to try Tracks, it seems good and I have access to a ruby server, so I'll be playing with that.

Tracks doesn't play well with Google Calendar.  In fact, it doesn't work with it at all AFAIK.


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