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Software for simple system of organization

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I've come up with a system of organization that works for me and I need help finding a software that can easily do it.

With tons of things to do, I've realized the need for a system of organization. I've heard rave reviews about GTD, but having gone through some of the book, its far too complex for my liking. Hence, I've come up with my own system. TO form this, I've taken some ideas from Dave Allen's GTD principles, plus my own.

All stuff is broken down into tasks that is organized into 4 priorities:

1) Urgent and Important
2) Urgent and non-Important
3) Non-Urgent and Important
4) Non-Urgent and Non-Important

It goes 1 to 4 in decreasing order of priority.

Each task is tagged under one or more categories - e.g. health, financial, career, business, personal development, family etc.

Whenever a new task is added into the system, I put down the date it is due, its priority, some tags plus some small notes describing it. The task is then automatically added to my calendar. When I look at the calendar, I can see the tasks that are coming up. The ones that are higher in priority will appear at the top of each day.

All this should ideally be in an online system such as Google Calendar (for the calendar) so that I can easily access it from anywhere.

Anyone already use a system like this? Any ideas? So far, I've tried thinking rock and tiddlywiki, but both are GTD based.

Jammo the OrganizedFellow:
TiddlyWiki and all it variations were very useful for me. But I stopped using them.
Thinking Rock was/is by farrrr the best implementation of GTD I found in any software. I love that is it free! But I stopped using it.

I needed something that would work with my phone. Sending a quick text message has been by far the best solution for me.
It's far from perfect, but I have synced Twitter with RTM can export an ical feed for use in Google Calendar, which I can view on my G1 Android phone.

As I said, far from perfect.

I've been using MyLifeOrganized for a few years and I like it, even though I'm not using some of its more advanced features.
You can pretty much do whatever you like and it syncs with my smartphone (which was a requirement for me).

cheers  /jerome

I think you can use your system with many ToDo-List progs. F.e. my preferred ones: Tudumo (using tags for your priorities), Note Thing.

Tudumo seems to get online synchronsation soon.

BTW I much prefer DIT (Do It Tomorrow: closed lists) over GTD because it's much simpler, and it is easy to set up.

Note Thing

Have you looked at Tracks?

You might be able to use the projects as your 4 priorities, and I believe you can have the program list your programs in an order you specify on any given day.

PM me if you want to demo Tracks for a few days, and I will create an account for you on the installation I have running.



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