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NOD32 False Positive

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does Avast or Avira has the option to turn off heuristic scanning? i want to recommend either one of them to a colleague, for whom i wrote some customized AHK scripts. i hate it when the AVs trip up on the AHK scripts.

Carol Haynes:
In AVAST the default setting for how aggressive the resident scanner is is 'Normal' if you set it to High heuristics are enabled so yes you can switch of heuristics.

thanks for the info. it's a good thing that they allow turning off the heuristic scans, at least the users have a choice.

You can disable it for Avira also:
NOD32 False Positive

OMG. So I've uninstalled Eset, since my two-year license expires in November and I'll have to pay someone again anyway - and am now running the trial of Avira AntiVir Premium. (By the way, Avira AntiVir Premium will be available on Bits du Jour on September 5). The first thing I'm seeing after restarting the computer is a whole barrage of notifications for many apps in my NirSoft folder.

Are these false positives? Or did I download an infected package from NirSoft's own site? Or does Avira think this is all malware? The strangest thing though, Avira seemed to scan that folder all on its own, on startup. Otherwise how could it have picked on those apps? Unless they are indeed all infected and they self-execute when the system starts. Not very likely, though! And no amount of unchecking the various options in Avira would convince it to ignore those tools, so much so I've had to zip up the whole folder to stop the multiple warnings.

Maybe I should try Kaspersky...


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