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SC: Discussion of Scanning Functions

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yeah let me look at that for the next build -- it MAY be a simple option i can add.

Either I was wrong all along (wont be a first) or you did some work on this and PDF creation now works in a more logical manner:
basically a PDF is created at exactly the size of the image.
So, if I scan an A4 page @ 300dpi, and crop it a bit - it will show in the PDF Reader's print preview at it's actual size i.e. almost A4 size (so long as fit-to-page is not enabled).

I've not used creation of PDF's from screenshots before:
this is logical, PDF is size of screenshot -- mind you the resolution is very low (I'm not sure what exactly it is).

^ wanted to say how good the SC scanning solution is :Thmbsup:
Most scanning software I've come across is a nightmare. SC on the other hand has all the important stuff there easy to access, and it works a treat, including multi-page PDF creation.

Oops, there was one minor thing: on scanning, it inverts the colours.
I've checked SC options, also the scanner default settings, and dont see anything there. I normally use Vuescan for high-quality scanning -- that does not invert colours either.
So it seems to be an SC thing -- anyone else with that problem?

Win.7 x64
SC v4.16.1

There is an OPTION for inverting colors when scanning:

Damnit, i missed it :-[

thanks mouser :up:


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