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United Kingdom


Currently I am visiting 'nudone' in England. Having a great time. I'm sure he will tell you all about it.

Carol Haynes:
Me next please ... really looking forward to meeting you Baby Cody.

OK BC has arrived with me ... see this thread for some of his adventures in Yorkshire.

Sad farewells today. Baby Cody packed his stuff and is about to head off to Hemel Hempstead to visit Ampa. Farewell little feathered friend.

My girlfriend would never forgive me if we passed up the chance to host Baby Cody.

Can we be next?

Hooray! Baby Cody has arrived in rain drenched Hemel Hempstead.

No adventuring today, he was too tired after the journey, but expect some news soon :)

Carol Haynes:
Baby Cody has now left the UK and arrived in the USA so he won't be visitng the UK again now until has has been everywhere else ;)

This thread is now locked until he is on his second world tour.


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