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Read me first - Important Information

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Hello everybody, Baby Cody here!

I am so thrilled that I have so many fans here and am really pleased that so many of you have invited me to visit.

To save me clocking up too many air miles (and not first class as I deserve) can I suggest that you use the following guidelines to plan my round the world trip:

1. In my personal message board you will find threads with the names of countries. If your country is listed then please send me an invitation in that thread if you would like me to visit you.
2. Please keep these country threads just for invitations.
3. If your country isn't list please make a new thread with just the country name and add your invitation to that thread.
4. All country threads will be made sticky so they will stay at the top of the board.
5. Once I visit a country I will visit my friends in the order within the thread for that country and the last person in the thread can help me to get to the next country on my list (they get to choose a country I haven't visited yet).
6. Once a visit list in a country is complete the thread will be locked. If more people would like me to visit them in the future then they can start a new thread for that country with the name of the country and the visit number (For example United Kingdom Visit 2).
7. When you help me to my next destination please modify your invitation message with the date I said farewell and the next person can make a note of when I arrive. This way all of my friends can keep track of my travels.
8. You can use the forum personal messaging service to pass your addresses when you need to know where I am off to next.

I would really like to share my adventures with all my friends so when I visit do share all the gossip, details and photos in the board so that everyone know who I met and what I got up to with you!

I am really looking forward to seeing you all. On my trip I will be holding out my cap for a little donation. If you would like to make a donation do click on my donation button.

See you soon - bon voyage!

Admin Note: For more info about Baby Cody see this thread:

I must say for a newborn you have figured out how to use the internet quite quickly.  :up:

I really like your idea, babycody!

I'll be making the 'Portugal' thread in a few moments ;)

Yes this could work really well. Good idea there!

I'm still expecting photographic documentation of BabyCody's adventures, something in the style of Amélie Poulain's garden dwarf series. (If you don't know the movie, here's an explaining note with pictures.)

Any plans for such a gallery?


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