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Simple form using visual web developer

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I'm trying to learn the basics and to do a project. The project requires that I have a web form which allows the user to input their name and such and hit the submit button. Upon hitting the submit button the information is sent to the database. I have a database ready to go, a datalayer but i'm unsure about sending the information. I've been able to view the table through gridview but not much else.

I've been looking for a tutorial to do just what i'm trying to do in my project but haven't got much luck. If i could just get the skinny doing something as simple as inputting a name in a textbox, pressing submit, and the string from the textbox shoing up in the appropriate field in the db table, that would be awesome and I could figure out the rest.

I don't know of any, but this google search seems to have some hits.

I don't know if you are just new to Visual Web Developer/ASP or if you are new to database development as a whole. If the latter, then you may not know that what you are doing is considered CRUD. That term may help you filter out generalized tutorials on the subject.

Well in college I learned how to make databases in Access and I learned how to make webpages using HTML and script. however, I never got any classes putting them together. So, I'm sort of in the dark.

I'm going to be looking as well, but if you find something really pertinate to what i'm doing, please pot the URL.

Carol Haynes:
If you don't have to use ASP or .NET it may be worth you looking at the following book:

They aren't the cheapest books in the world but all of the SitePoint books I have bought/looked at have been very good.

I actually went with the ASP.NET book from and have been able to complete most of my webform from that book. I would Highly recommend it to anyone starting out with visual web developer and ASP.NET.

However, I've come to another standstill. I need a way to check my database and see if a record is repeated and if it's repeated twice.

I'm making a webform that will allow the user to enter his or her personal information and select a radio button of specific times.  The radio button will correspond to a SlotID in my database. When the SlotID has been used twice I need to grey out the radio button because it can no longer be selected. Any help would be nice.


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