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Send Yourself To Mars!

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Fellow DC'ers, why restrict yourself to this miserable little rock in space when you can travel the solar system.....

Send yourself to Mars courtesy of NASA.

Unfortunately due to weight restrictions you won't be able to take any luggage, food, electronic devices, camera, clothes, drink or even yourself!

However, through the modern miracle of Flat Space Technology we can shrink you down and turn you into a stream of electrons that looks like your name!

We then lovingly handcut this into a microchip and then shove it unceremoniously into a very small rover to be launched in 2011.

We even give you a certificate!

So friends, Send Yourself To Mars!

Send Yourself To Mars!

This is astronaut N2M400325994 signing off....

Hmmmm, now I know why no extraterrestrials ever came by here.  We sent out that thing that said Hello 450 different ways.  The aliens figured half their life expectancy would be used up just in greeting.  Never get anything done on that planet!

Stoic Joker:
Certificate #: N2M400329213

Well, in this case you'll get a personal visit from one of the Martian tripods.  :Thmbsup:

Send Yourself To Mars!

--- End quote ---
That could raise a few Snickers.


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