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CCCCtrlC - simple multiple clipboard utility

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Thanks for sharing, TPReal!

I'm currently using ClipX, but since it sometimes stops adding clipped text to its history I'm more or less searching for an alternative. But I need a search function.
-brotherS (July 14, 2009, 07:54 AM)
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brotherS, if you want a search function, try out ArsClip as well.  And, of course, mouser's Clipboard Help+Spell.

mentioned on ghacks today  :up:

I think it was noticed because of this post on FreewareWire, and it didn't get there by itself too - I had spoken with Jon, the site's owner. Do you see? I had to find another blog for the program because you didn't put it on DC blog :)

because you didn't put it on DC blog
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i apologize -- i missed it.. it's on their now.

no one should hesitate to send me a message if there is something they think should be added to the dc blog that i overlook.  :up:


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