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CCCCtrlC - simple multiple clipboard utility

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If you're interested because it is/was developed in AutoHotkey, there are various clipboard managers floating around on the AHK forums, two of them listed here

To alleviate any further confusion:

I have checked online and cannot find any reference to CCCCtrlC from anything past 2009.  On this basis, I am going to lock this topic due to it being irrelevant now.


Unlocked as per request.

Has this app been "lost"? Apparently, all the links to authoritative downloads are to DC Forum, but it seems to be not here (any more).
Does anyone know where it can be downloaded from? It doesn't see to be on Wayback (why is that?).

Please check the attachment for a virus. Although I don't think there is malware included, I found it on a website, which might resort to that kind of thing. My Windows defender was not triggered. And the VirusTotal check stated that Cylance was the only product that regarded it as unsafe. 62 others marked it as clean.

Why it didn't show up in the WayBack archive, no clue. They do a marvelous job, but don't expect them to cover every website in existence, at least not all the time. The software I found is an executable, not the AHK source code.

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