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Are you the developer of CHS?
If so, how did you collect all those "user requirements?" I'm curious. Survey?
-visualoutliner (November 26, 2018, 05:44 PM)
--- End quote ---

* (a) No, I am not the author/developer of CHS - @mouser is.
I am however a keen fan and user of CHS and sometimes suggest changes/improvements for CHS. ...    :)

* (b) As an interesting exercise, I built the draft of requirements from my analysis of a collection comprised of my own and others' stated user requirements and the interpolated/deduced/postulated requirements that will have been met by the existing AS-IS status of CHS, with the idea that the whole might be useful as a CHS user community tool to help define and distinguish the differences between "business/user requirements/needs" and "feature wants".
Whilst it might not be entirely correct as it currently stands (e.g., may need updating), as far as I am aware it is the only attempted documented analysis and definition of requirements for CHS that exists publicly.
It could seem a bit confusing though, as it also attempts to demonstrate the overlap between requirements in two domains - PIM users and CHS/Clipboard users, so there's quite a lot going on in that table - including, for example, "Priority".
The reason I pointed out the CHS requirements was to suggest that you could do a lot worse than document the VisualOutliner business/user requirements and priorities. From experience of small and large systems development as a programmer, systems analyst and as a project manager, application development success/failure is often dependent on the timely collection and ranking of business/user requirements and priorities.
Again, from experience, simply dumping an embryonic product development onto the table and saying "tell me what you think about it" (OWTTE) isn't necessarily going to be conducive to, or guarantee success. Ideally, I would suggest that you use formal ß-testers, at least.


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