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If you get any particuarly funny results from Translator Boomerang, post them here remember to specify what you put in, what language you chose and what came out.

I'll start it off with this (it was my mum's idea):
In: Have a merry christmas and don't eat too much turkey.
Language: Double Chain all
Out: NATO does not have the lucky person and it eats not Perù too much.

As you can see i found some very strange unicode charecters...

nato does not have the lucky person - rofl  ;D

yeah i've noticed the unicode thing myself.. i wonder if it is a bug in my code?


Poor knights/french toast hybrid.
It's fucking epic.

You take 4 pieces of toast, 2 eggs, a bit of milk, a piece of butter and some cinnamon sugar

You whisk the eggs and milk together into some sort of egg mass. Then you heat the butter up on a pan on some medium-low temperature setting (4 out of 10 for example). Then you briefly submerge the toast in the egg mass and throw them on the pan. You then put a bit of cinnamon sugar on the side that's pointing upwards. Flip them over once they are golden brown and then put a bit of cinnamon sugar on that side too. Once it's golden brown on the other side too it's ready for eating


Bad toast sorbet.
It is a good story.

With 4 pieces of toast (2), eggs, milk and some butter, sugar and cinnamon

Remove the eggs, milk and egg mass. If Mr. oil Wednesday at low temperatures and identity (4, 10, for example). Ghamri toast quickly, and weapons of mass destruction, and the attributes that are of interest. I was a child, with cinnamon and sugar, as a reference point. Time and gold, cinnamon and sugar, and on the ground. If the port at the border, ready

That has to be the best so far.. pure poetry.

I got a good one today:

I hope you have a good time on your vacation.  We took one to Oregon last year, but we had to cut it short because of the weather.
We hope this book. For a few years, storm Washington.

One loop, all languages except Finnish, German, Bulgarian and Spanish.


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