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Why does it take FARR so long to open?


When I launch FARR, it takes about 30 seconds to open on my Windows XP 32-bit laptop.  Is this normal?  Anything I can do to speed it up?

what folders have you added to Farr?  Farr should boot up near instant.

i'm guessing network shortcuts and/or huge history size but ewemoa has kindly compiled a thread containing info about this problem here. do check them out. :)

I unchecked all the search folders.  Now it launches very quickly. :Thmbsup:  Thanks!

farr does a few things now that causes it to take a little more time to be "ready" after it is run, in order that it be a bit faster to wake up and use when triggered (it checks existence of files in launch history and check search folders, etc. -- both of which can cause windows to delay a bit if the directories aren't cached).


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