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clipboard enhancements

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The funny thing is, JGSoft just this week announced they were doing that, with RegexBuddy being the pilot app for the install-to-disk option while CHS has done it all along ;)  AceText, his clipboard extender, doesn't work portably yet.  Guess you read their newsletter, too? ;)

EditPad Pro has always run nicely off removable media, for the most part, though -- have to copy the program directory to your drive manually, but I prefer doing things the hard way anyway.

allen -
this is off topic but are you involved in those projects that are on the web page you have linked in your profile?
they are really wonderful, i'm sure people here would love to hear a little about them on a new thread if so..

Sorry for the slow reply, had a busy few days ;) As for the link in my profile, that's my little slot on the web, those projects are all mine from the ground up.  They're largely useless, niche at best -- it's not every day they get called wonderful, so thanks!

As for discussing them, I'm not usually big on self-promotion (another reason they dont' get called wonderful every day ;) -- wouldn't know what to say, but if you find any of them particularly interesting feel free to start something, I'd be glad to jump in and discuss them.


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