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clipboard enhancements

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i'm guilty of not adding enough keyboard shortcuts to my programs until prodded, since i never use them myself.  i'm happy to set them up for any functions people want, just give me some suggestions for what hotkeys to use, first come first serve.

If you want to make me really, really, really happy, save yourself the trouble of figuring out what shortcuts to use and just make a little tree-based editor that includes all the buttons/menu items and let us map our own keystrokes as necessary.  Much to my delight, several applications I use regularly have done this over the last few years and now, pampered, I get claustrophobic when I can't re-map them to my liking.

If you're mouser, call me Qwerty ;)

yeah, let me look into this, it would be a good idea to start using such a method.

If it's something you ever want(ed) to do, it would be easiest to start early and build.  It was messy when the developers for The Bat ( did it -- had several years, and countless features, to draw into that system.  Now, it's all pretty self-maintaining, I think -- basically, a database of functions that can be key-mapped and, basically, you can define your own menus.  It looks like EditPad Pro 6 (private beta) is doing this now, too--with everything drawing from a single pool of functions you can put here, there, wherever.

Carol Haynes:
One of the nice things JGSoft are doing too is making all their products instable on removable discs (like pens and CompactFlash etc). Just got an email about RegexBuddy, and apparently you can already do this with EditPad Pro (except for spell checking which will come soon). Neat solution and leaves no trace on the system you are using once the media is removed.

Glad to see them catching up with Mouser ;)


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