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plugin/JS communication????

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Hi all,
I know that a plugin can call "EmbeddedWb.ExecJavascript, JAVASCRIPT CALL TO MAKE" and can receive the immediate result via ExecJavascriptResult, but is it possible for a plugin to also receive a farr://string ?

I should also there a maximum buffer for the JAVASCRIPT CALL TO MAKE?? say I want to send a huge string....
Or the return value?

i think the answer is yes to the first, and for the second, there isnt really a limit i dont think, though dc member ecaradec may know better.

believe it or not.. and this is scary.. but dc members czb and ewemoa know much better than me how to do these fancy fscript farr plugin things,  i'll send them a message to make sure they see this post and reply.

sounds like you are making something fun! care to share some info about what you are planning to do?

I'm not sure this will fix the issue, but I increased the getStrValue buffer from 4ko to 1Mo. Let me know. There must be a limit since there is no way I can't get the memory I'm going to need.
Mouser, could it be possible to add something to read the length of the data ? Or I could add a parameter to let the plugin tell how much memory it want to allocate. I figure this out as I'm writing, that might be a good solution.

Mouser, could it be possible to add something to read the length of the data
--- End quote ---
Yes i can add that i think.

Note that I think Coolness is wanting to set a large string contents for the web browser, not get it.  I suggested that one way, perhaps the smart way, would be t write the large contents to a file and tell farr to open the file in the browser.  That's what farr does anyway when it comes to displaying a string in the browser.


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