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plugin/JS communication????

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Isn't the result received through getStrValue("EmbeddedWb.ExecJavascript")  ? I thought that this buffer was the problem, was it ?

hmm you're right, that's what he seems to be saying.

right now I'm just struggling to set up some basic communication.
Say I set the mode to html, tell it to load a file. The html file contains an anchor to farr://sendthisstring. I click it, but no function in my plugin is called (I set up a messagebox on everything). Suggestions?
BOOL MyPlugin_SetStrVal(const char* varname, void *val)
   // farr host will pass us function pointer we will call
   if (strcmp(varname,DEF_FieldName_NotifySearchCallbackFp)==0)
      callbackfp_notifysearchstatechanged = (Fp_GlobalPluginCallback_NotifySearchStateChanged)val;
     MessageBox(0,varname,"",0); //nothing about farr:// being clicked.
   return FALSE;

i think you'll need to use something like:
 farr://pcommand sendthisstring

then in set_strval check for if varname is pcommand

czb knows how to do this stuff and his plugins make heavy use of it.

Ahh I thought pcommand was something you replace with your plugin name. Gotcha.

Unless I'm doing something wrong, this method of communicating via farr:// and Wb.ExecJavascript doesn't seem to be that robust. For example, a simple test page with

--- Code: HTML ---<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN" ""><html><head><script>var timesrun = 0;function runthis(str){        timesrun++;        document.getElementById("link").innerHTML = ""+timesrun;        document.getElementById("link").click();}</script></head><body> <a id="link" onclick="location.href=this.href" href="farr://pcommand RETURN something">Send return signal</a> </body></html>And then in the plugin

--- Code: C++ ---BOOL MyPlugin_SetStrVal(const char* varname, void *val)        {        // farr host will pass us function pointer we will call        if (strcmp(varname,DEF_FieldName_NotifySearchCallbackFp)==0)                callbackfp_notifysearchstatechanged = (Fp_GlobalPluginCallback_NotifySearchStateChanged)val;          std::string s(varname);        if (s.find("pcommand",0)!=std::string::npos)        {                MessageBox(0,"Received message from javascript. Calling js function.",varname,0);                callbackfp_set_strval(hostptr,"EmbeddedWb.ExecJavascript","runthis('something')");                return TRUE;                            }        return FALSE;}Then igo [the html page].
Click the link, and at least for me, the link sends the farr:// command 3 times, but the plugin only receives it twice, and the loop isn't infinite as it should be.

I tried adding a delay in case windows doesn't handle executing protocols quickly or something, but to no avail.

I have a backup method with an XMLHttpRequest object if the above method isnt possible, but before I give up with it, any suggestions?


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