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plugin/JS communication????

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hmm.. i cant think of any reason you shouldnt be able to trigger it as much as you want..
is it possible that the modal blocking MessageBox has something to do with why it's breaking.. maybe try something like a Beep or similar and do put in a second long delay between calls, just to make sure that's not the problem.

if you manually click the link and do away with the loop, does it work or also give you problems about not responding to clicks?

This is getting strange. I removed all MessageBox()s and alert()s. Without a timeout, it stalls at displaying 2, meaning the plugin receives pcommand twice and calls the js twice, but doesnt receive anything after that. If I change line 10 in the JS above to
window.setTimeout( function() { document.getElementById("link").click(); },1000);
I get the numbers every second, in this order: 2 6 14 30 62 126 254 696
So the first 1000 milliseconds it managed two hits, then 4 in the second, then 8 in the third, 16 in the 4th, 32 in the 5th, etc.
2^n? wtf


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