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BrowserTraySwitch V2 - Tips and Troubleshooting


I thought i might use this thread for troublehsooting and tips.

"BrowserTraySwitch was working fine, but now I get messages in my browsers that they aren't set to defauilt even after I've switched to them using BTS."

* If you install a new browser and all of a sudden when you use BrowserTraySwitch to switch, the browsers report they aren't the default browser when you start them, it may simply mean that the new browser uses some registry settings that need to be ADDED to your existing snapshots.
* The solution is simple: Let the browsers set themselves to the default, as when you first saved/snapshotted them, and then re-save the snapshots.  Your new shapshots should solve the problem.

As with most of my help files, i've added links to other similar programs.

* SetBrowser - - freeware non-tray based tool.
* DefaultBrowser - - freeware non-tray based tool.
If anyone knows any others let me know and I'll add them.  As always, support the coders if you like their work.

Did you know you can customize the icon shown for each browser configuration file?
Just put an icon with the same name as the configuration file except ending in .ico and it will be displayed instead.


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