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Kaspersky 2010 and FARR


Anyone here use Kaspersky Internet Security - It doesn't like the alias nircmd for shut down and restart and although FARR is trusted I need to specifically allow those commands - somewhere?

Meantime I'll plough through the rather extensive manual for the new version.... ;D

I just found where to make it Trusted - will see what happens when I shut down later.... :Thmbsup:

No good - still have to exit KIS to use the Nircmd to shut down!

No good - still have to exit KIS to use the Nircmd to shut down!
-CleverCat (July 11, 2009, 02:27 AM)
--- End quote ---

Probably the main reason I use NOD32 instead of KAV. KAV (I just used the AV, not the Internet Security) used to eat up any app I had on my PC from Nir, plus various other innocuous apps. No amount of tinkering with exclusions could save them. I turned off so much of the heuristics that it was probably not protecting me from much at all; didn't help. Forum posts didn't get me any help either. It seems that Kasperskey prefers to decide what you should and should not have on your computer, whether you agree or not.


It's only happened in latest version... >:(


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