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Show us a photo of your mutt or other creatures..

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Don't know how true this story is, but regardless, it made me cry...

Do not read if you are easily distressed - !! Graphic Content Warning !! - Possibly SFW due to long text -- Mature Audience Only

My ferocious pit bull

Live a day in your own shoes...they are far comfier than the other persons!

Before you pick a fight with someone, walk a mile in their shoes. Then, no matter how you feel, you will be a mile away. And you will have their shoes. :p

We are going to lose our beautiful sweet Tuffy! She has been sick on and off for months, and each time the treatment from Vet has worked. Last week he found she had an enlarged Liver with a mass inside.... :( We have 2 options:

1. Put her in Hospital overnight for sedation, scan, biopsy etc. (She's never been away from us) and Vet says we may not see anything and in the end it most likely is not curable!

2. Keep her comfortable - at mo the injections and pain meds have worked wonders and she is eating, drinking, barking, running etc.) and spend however much time we have with her enjoying her company.

We have chosen the latter as we do not want to put her through any stress! Vet says he's not sure how much more treatment he can give, but next time she gets sick we'll make decisions....

She has given us almost 11 years of joy and love and we won't let her suffer! As you can imagine we are very heart sore, especially when she is so well at the moment.


Sorry to hear your news, CleverCat  :( A real sweetheart and I think that you have made the right decision. Enjoy your time with her.

Sorry to hear that CleverCat.. She has been very lucky to have you as owners for so many years.


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