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Show us a photo of your mutt or other creatures..

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When my friend was constructing his house here, the workers adopted a drifter dog (female) that since then guarded the place. When I fixed the electricity in this house, I also was endeared to this sweet girl. Two months ago she even produced offspring (5 puppies) and all seemed to be going well for her. She was even nurturing 3 puppies from another dog here in the neighborhood.

But then a disease struck her, I forgot the name, but it was lethal and transferable to humans. My friend has four kids running around the house, so it was quickly decided that she would enter the eternal sleep at the vet and soon. I understand that they did this yesterday.

It is indeed wonderful how dogs can capture your heart and become your friend. Losing them leaves an empty space in heart and mind. Luckily there is her offspring as legacy which I hope turns out as wonderful, gentle and caring as she was.

Not only do I understand you, I sympathize with you as well. Dogs live in the here and now...and in the picture he looked happy.


I am very very sorry for your loss, he did look very happy which shows you obviously took excellent care of him and loved him very very much.

My deepest condolances to you and everyone who loved him.

timns - I'd like to echo what mouser said: what a fortunate dog to have found you; I am sure that he was very happy in his year with you.

I lost a dog to cancer myself a few years back and it was very hard. My sympathies.

sorry to hear that, timns. (you'd not mentiond your dog in our skype chats.) i'm sure you made a world of difference to Max's life. how wonderful to be able to do such a thing.

timns and Shades
I'm lost for words :( hang in there


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